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This section was originally devoted to my last band, MOTEL SOAP, but while sorting thru old cassette tapes I came across some stuff I forgot I had, stuff I did with previous bands. Needless to say I have lost track of most of my former bandmates, which is sad but that's life. Each band had it's ups and downs, of course. Still, it was a blast! Those of you who have been in bands know how it goes.

Listening to music is great but playing it can't be beat. So, without further ado, here they are, warts and all! Hope you like 'em

some info on the tracks:
IN AND OUT- from 1975 with the band ROCKWELL DELTA. I had been playing drums for a short while at this point. Recorded in the bass player's living room!

I'VE GOT A REASON, NEVER KNEW, WITH YOU TONIGHT, ACTION- from 1978 with the band ACTION. We named ourselves after the song 'Action' by the band, The Sweet, which we were huge fans of. This version of 'Action' is live. Excuse the so-so quality. The other 3 songs are originals which we recorded as a demo.
as a side note, we actually got to meet The Sweet. Quite the thrill. R.I.P. Mick Tucker

from 1982 with the band FORGER. These are from a rehearsal which I decided to record. Both tunes are originals. A hearty 'what's up' to my mates from back then- Phil, Lou, and Angelo!

NOW COMES THE STORM, THE QUEST, WHEN GODS COLLIDE, YOU GOTTA ROCK, TEENAGE OVERDOSE - from around 1983 sometime with the band SINFUL. Recorded during a rehearsal before we had a vocalist, except for Teenage Overdose. Also original songs.

these three songs were from a demo that my band SINFUL recorded. It eventually ended up being released as an EP over in England back in the 80's. I recently found out that copies are floating around on E-bay and other places and that one of the songs made its way onto some metal playlists. Cool!

KNOW YOU NOW, TRAMP, THE STUMBLE, TOO HOT TO HANDLE, DYING WITH THE FLU, IF YOU LOVE ME LIKE YOU SAY- with my last band, MOTEL SOAP, in 2001. Know You Now and Tramp were done as a demo. Know You Now is an original tune. These were recorded and mixed by the great guitarist Popa Chubby at his studio. Thanks Popa! The other tracks were recorded live at Hogs & Heifers in New York City, which is where the members of Motel Soap met while jamming at the weekly blues jams there.

Jay K.- guitar & vocals
Carl Lorentzen- bass & vocals
Nelson Onofre- drums

1. In and Out - 7.4mb
2. I've Got a Reason - 6.7mb
3. Never Knew - 5.4mb
4. With You Tonight - 5.4mb
5. Action - 7.5mb
6. Fading Into The Night - 5.6mb
7. The Forger - 8.3mb
8. Now Comes The Storm - 4.5mb
9. The Quest - 6.3mb
10. When Gods Collide - 5.4mb
11. You Gotta Rock - 6.2mb
12. Burn Your Eyes - 4.6mb
13. Wasted Youth - 5.4mb
14. Midnight Sun - 7.2mb
15. Know You Now - 5.3mb
16. Tramp - 5.6mb
17. The Stumble - 5.8mb
18. Too Hot To Handle - 7.6mb
19. Dying With The Flu - 11.4mb
20. If You Love Me Like You Say - 2.9mb

21. Teenage Overdose - 6.1mb
Freedom Jam - 19mb
23. Tomorrow_Comes_Sooner
24. Reach For The Stars
25. Think It Over
26. Hit And Run
27. Danger Zone
28. Killer Instinct
29. Young and Reckless
30. Jessica
31. Bastille_Day

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